Mohan Kumar

Hi, I'm Mohan and I develop websites.

What I do

Welcome to my website! I'm a passionate web developer who thrives on pushing the boundaries of technology and design. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of the latest trends in web development, I specialize in crafting digital experiences that seamlessly blend creativity and innovation.
In my projects, I leverage cutting-edge technologies like Next.js and Astro to build lightning-fast and highly interactive websites. These frameworks not only enhance performance but also enable me to create dynamic user interfaces that engage visitors and provide them with a truly immersive journey. My commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the tech world allows me to deliver websites that are not only visually captivating but also offer a smooth and responsive user experience.
Beyond my technical prowess, I firmly believe that design is at the heart of exceptional web development. Every line of code I write is infused with a sense of aesthetics, ensuring that your website not only functions flawlessly but also captivates with its visual appeal. From sleek and modern layouts to attention-grabbing animations, I take pride in creating designs that leave a lasting impression. If you're ready to embark on a digital journey that combines the latest technology with striking design, I'm here to turn your ideas into reality.

Some of the tools in my toolkit.

Things I've done

North by Northeast Journeys
North by Northeast Journeys

An adventure travel company in Assam India.

Deep Breathe Yoga Studio
Deep Breathe Yoga Studio

Simple business site for a yoga studio in Goa.

Berliner Job Coach
Berliner Job Coach

Appointment booking site for a Job coach in Berlin.

La Volotte
La Volotte

Online shop for a lovely Wool shop in Aachen.

Atma Seva
Atma Seva

Landing page for an NGO in Uttarakhand.

School website
School website

Website for The Asian School.

 Toadlabs Technology Inc
Toadlabs Technology Inc

Business site for holographic solutions.

Photography website
Photography website

Imagined for a photograher.

How I work

Initial consultation

Our first meeting or call is free of charge. We will discuss the scope of your project and possible solutions. The idea is to get aligned in terms of requirements and procedure.

Detailed Quotation

Once I know your requirement, I prepare a detailed quote including milestones, deliverables and pricing. I will also factor in some flexibility for ad hoc adjustments.

Define Requirement

If we agree to work together, our next step will be to define the feature requirements and get the content compiled. If necessary, we will connect with designers or copywriters.

Compile Content

When we have decided what to implement, we need to gather all the copy, logos, images etc. If necessary, we will connect with designers or copywriters.


Once we have most of the content in place, I will begin designing your website. This is an iterative process and we will revise the design until you are happy with it.


Only when the design is signed off and all the content/copy has been provided, can the actual web development begin. Trust that I will work with Best Practices in terms of responsiveness, compatibility, performance, accessibility, security and usability in mind.


It's finally time to launch your website. I will provide you with four weeks full support and troubleshooting while you check that all the functionality is as required.


For those who require continued support, I offer a tailor-made maintenance package. The price for this depends on the anticipated scope.

Get in touch

I know exactly what sort of website I need and how it should look.
I'm not sure what is feasible and only have a vague idea of what my website could to look like.
I already have a website, but I'm not happy with it and would like some changes.